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Sunset in Dorchester

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Cloudy sky at sunset, old barn and tree in the middle of winter
Old barn in Dorchester Texas

The weather in Dallas/North Texas has been extremely cold for this part of the state, and as such I have not ventured out to photograph new images for the blog. The featured images shown here were photographed in late December of 2015 – you will notice lots of green grass / winter wheat which is typically the only thing you will find that is green this time of year.

These photos were taken in the late evening, maybe an hour before sunset, there was a light haze in the sky that diffused the late evening sun that gave everything a warm glow. The interior image of the abandoned gas station was achieved with multiple exposures and processed in Adobe Lightroom as a HDR  image.    Below you will find a little history on the town of Dorchester, Texas.

DORCHESTER, TEXAS. Dorchester is on Farm Road 902 eight miles southwest of Sherman in south central Grayson County. It was established in the late 1800s and named for C. B. Dorchester, a Sherman banker. The community was on the St. Louis, San Francisco and Texas Railway and quickly became a retail and community center for area farmers. In 1896 it received a post office, and over the next four decades Dorchester prospered. By the mid-1930s it had an estimated 400 residents and ten businesses. Later the population declined, and in 1989 the town had 222 residents and four rated businesses. In 1990 its population was 137 and in 2000 it was 109.     David Minor

The world is moving, and a company that contents itself with present accomplishments soon falls behind   – George Eastman 

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