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The featured image for this week’s post comes from our new image gallery “Camera Art”, What does that mean, you ask??  Well it is the art and design of vintage cameras from the simple to the complex in design and appearance. If you are into vintage cameras you are shure to enjoy this image gallery.

This weeks camera is Made by Graflex – yes that Graflex , maker of the venerable  Crown Graphic and Speed Graphic press cameras. We will show of the Crown Graphic in later postings. This  weeks featured camera is the Graphic 35 – 35mm roll film camera with push button focusing. .

The write up below comes to us from – check em out!!

The Graflex Graphic 35 is a 35mm rangefinder introduced in 1955 by Graflex as a replacement for the Graflex Ciro 35, the camera on which it was also heavily based. The Graphic 35 was designed in the US and earlier examples were made in Rochester although production shifted to Japan with Kowa later. The lens and shutter were sourced from West Germany.

The most unique and unusual part of the Graphic 35 is its push-button focusing system; two black buttons on either side of the lens control the focus distance of the German-made 50mm f/3.5 Graflar lens. Shutter speeds are controlled by the forward most ring on the lens barrel, just in front of the shutter button at nine o’clock, threaded shutter release socket at 11, and shutter cocking lever at one. Moving towards the camera body, the aperture selector is on the top, right in front of the focus distance indicator and a flash sync mode selector sits at three o’clock. The self-timer is found just above the “Graphic 35” badge on the front.

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